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Hair Loss Solutions


Hair Loss Can Affect Anyone

Hair Loss and Hair Thinning are very common and can be  upsetting and distressing for those experiencing it.


Hair loss is a progressive condition that has different forms and causes.  The most common form of hair loss, called androgenetic alopecia is hereditary. Without intervention, involving effective treatment, hair loss usually progresses over time.

Understanding the genetics behind your hair loss means that treatment is more likely to be successful

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Here at Ridge Aesthetics we are proud to work with the Fagron TrichoTest™ for those experiencing hair loss or significant hair thinning. This genetic test analyses gene variations and lifestyle factors so that personalised hair loss treatments can be recommended.
Often treating hair loss is a guessing game based on common factors, but we know that not all hair loss treatments work for everyone. The success of any given treatment is dependent on your unique combination of genetic profile and lifestyle factors.

We use the information provided in your specific DNA analysis report to help you decide on an informed personal treatment plan.  This will make sure that you are able to select the options most likely to provide the best outcome for your treatment of hair loss. For further information or to book your assessment and testing please get in touch directly.

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Combining In Clinic Treatment with At Home Hair Care for the best results

A series of in clinic scalp microinfusion treatments can be performed to aid the regeneration and promotion of hair growth whilst improving hair health simultaneously.


The WOWfusion device combines microneedling to promote blood flow to the follicles and healing of the scalp with mesotherapy of a hair health boosting cocktail of ingredients.  This is applied at just the right depth to maximise stimulatation of the hair follicles.

A personalised hair treatment is provided that can be used at home in conjunction with the in clinic treatments.  Daily use of this serum will boost your hair regeneration as well as the health of your hair giving you the best results and improvement to the appearance of your hair.

Initial Consultation: £80

DNA testing from: £300

In Clinic Treatment from: £225

At home hair solution: from £80-90 per month

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