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8 Point Non-Surgical Facelift
In Yate

The 8 point facelift, also known as a non-surgical facelift involves the placement of dermal filler at precise points to optimise a rejuvenated appearance.


This innovative and advanced treatment uses accurate application of dermal fillers at specific locations of the face to create younger, firmer looking skin, helping to counteract the effects of ageing.


Restoring volume in these areas revives the appearance and harmonises the features to create a more balanced rejuvenated face.  This is a very bespoke and individualised experience as both the precise points and volume required will vary from one person to another depending on individual anatomy, bone structure and age-related changes.

8 point facelift (1).png

The 8 Point
non-surgical facelift

The 8 point non-surgical facelift targets key areas associated with a youthful appearance:

1. Cheek prominence

2. Cheek bones

3. Mid Cheek

4. Nasolabial area

5. Corners of the mouth

6. Prejowl area

7. Jawline

8. Cheek in front of ear

8 Point Face Lift uses dermal filler to give a natural looking result that does not affect your facial expression. As your face changes over time, dermal fillers allow you to control your looks subtly as you age.

The cost of this procedure will vary depending on individual requirements, goals and outcomes. Further volumisation may be required at a follow up appointment 1 month later which will also be charged for.


Initial Consultation:  £80

Treatment from £850

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