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Teeth Grinding Management
in Yate

Teeth Griding Relief

Do you clench or grind your teeth?


One of the side effects of teeth grinding is an enlargement of the facial muscles which can result in a square shape to the jaw.  By reducing the overactivity of these muscles, they can return to a smaller size leading to a slimming effect on the shape of the jawline.


Teeth grinding is a relatively common problem and can cause significant discomfort and distress to many people.  For the majority of people teeth grinding, also known as bruxism occurs at night, meaning they have little control over it.

There are a number of solutions to bruxism including soft and hard guards to be worn at night. Treatment of the enlarged, overactive muscles should be combined with the provision of an appropriate dental appliance.  

With careful treatment, the appearance of the jawline can be softened, leading to dramatic changes in face shape after regular treatment. A slimmer jawline also results in more prominent cheekbones and chin, which are especially important for women, who typically want high cheekbones and a clean, defined jawline.

The benefits of this treatment can last for 3-6 months and the bonus is that it reduces grinding during the day as well as at night.  When combined with the provision of an appropriate dental appliance the effects can last much longer.

Initial Consultation from £80

Treatment form £3oo

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