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Teeth Whitening
in Yate


Teeth Whitening can help to rejuvenate your appearance as when we age our teeth darken and discolour over time.  


White teeth are a sign of youth and the closer the colour of your teeth to the whites of your eyes the more youthful your appearance.  


Treatment to achieve whiter teeth can have an anti-ageing effect meaning that having your teeth whitened can be a truly rejuvenating treatment. 

It is important to have a specific tooth whitening consultation in order to ensure that this treatment is appropriate for you and to allow an assessment of your dental fitness.  We offer home whitening procedures which have the beauty of leaving the result in your hands.  If you want your teeth the whitest they can go or wish to achieve a more subtle lightening or brightening, home whitening can usually achieve the result you hope for.

Teeth whitening involves the application of a gel treatment using a thin tray which is specially formed to fit over your teeth very closely.  Moulds of your teeth are taken in order to ensure that the trays fit as closely as possible. The gel is placed in the trays which are worn for a number of hours a day or overnight for a few weeks and the results are reviewed to assess the response to treatment.

The shade of the teeth is altered by an oxidation reaction in the outer surfaces of the teeth and does not result in damage to the teeth.

Teeth Whitening Prices

Consultation  £80

At home Teeth whitening  £395

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