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Jawline Contouring


Jawline Filler

Giving you a sculpted Jawline

A well-defined, structured jawline is considered universally attractive in both men and women.  Over the age of 30 the skin starts to lose collagen and areas such as the jawline starts to show signs of aging.  The collagen that supports the skin and holds it in position gradually loses its effect and wrinkles starts to appear.

As the elasticity of the skin reduces, the volume of the cheek begins to decrease, and facial bones start to recede leading to fat descent and jowliness. The cheek and chin area begins to sag.

Jawline sculpting using dermal fillers can add symmetry and restore definition to your lower face and camouflage double chins. Dermal fillers are an effective and reliable method of temporarily adding definition to the jawline, reducing the appearance of saggy skin, and hiding double chins. This can accentuate feminine features in women and produce a chiseled, strong jawline in men.

Results become visible immediately after the procedure but it may take up to two weeks to appreciate the final results which can last for up to 12 months or more.

Initial Consulation £80

Treatment from £450

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