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Reduce Sweating
in Yate

Ridge Aesthetic underarm sweating hyperhydrosis

Underarm sweating can be a source of embarrassment especially if you have an important event such as a wedding on the horizon.  Sweating is a normal response to help the body maintain a constant temperature and prevent overheating.  It also occurs when we are nervous.

A number of people experience sweating in the absence of these triggers and this can lead to increased self-consciousness.

Kathryn can help to manage this through the provision of treatment in the underarm area which works by blocking the nerve signals to the sweat glands.  The effect of this treatment is noticeable within a few days and can last for up to 6 months.

Treatment can be repeated once the effects are diminishing and people often find that the results last longer through repeated treatments.

Initial Consultation £80

Ridge Aesthetics Botox Underarm Sweating Hyperhydrosis
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