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Skin Boosters

Skin Boosters are medical aesthetic treatments that harness the power of hyaluronic acid's water-attracting properties in order to deeply hydrate the skin from within.

Skin Boosters differ from fillers despite both containing hyaluronic acid as Skinboosters aim to hydrate, plump and deeply nourish the skin whilst counteracting the signs of ageing whereas fillers are designed to replace lost volume and fill lines.

There are a number of different products within the family of Skinboosters that all have their own unique properties and specifications.

Here at Ridge Aesthetics we only offer the best and our Skinbooster treatments include seventyHyal,  Belotero Revive, Restylane Vital and Neofound.

Skin boosters might be for you if you are looking to:

  • Improve the deep hydration of your skin.

  • Make your skin appear elastic and firmer.

  • Smooth the skin surface.

  • Improve the texture of the skin.,

  • Make the skin appear more radiant,

  • Slow  the process of skin ageing and sagging skin

  • Mitigate the effects of photoaging,

  • Improve the appearance of scarring

Skinbooster treatments can obtain results for all skin types and all ages although the results and benefits may differ depending on unique conditions. 

On younger skin (40 years and under): the skin has few lines and wrinkles but may be starting to lose tone and elasticity.  On this type of skin, Skinboosters help to prevent sagging skin and slow down the appearance of wrinkles by providing the skin with hydration and tone. They also help to give a new radiance to the complexion and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

On mature skin (over 40): Skinbooster treatments can help to slow signs of skin ageing by improving the quality, firmness, and texture of the skin. They help to reduce wrinkles by remodeling the skin. Significant results can be obtained for problem areas of the face and neck.

Teoxane - Redensity 1 - RHA 1.JPG
belotero revive.jpeg

Skinbooster treatments are usually carried out as a course of 2 -3 sessions depending on your own unique requirements.  These are performed between 2 and 4 weeks apart and additional sessions may be recommended in addition to this.

The resulting skin that glows from within generally lasts between 6 and 9 months.

SkinBooster Treatment Courses                                                                                     from £500

with individual treatments recommended every 6-12 months                                 £275

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