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 In combination with this Kathryn will also take a clinical history including:

  • Your medical history including any medications and previous surgeries

  • Details of any previous surgical or non-surgical facial treatments

  • Your lifestyle

  • Your existing skincare regime

  • Your expectations regarding treatment outcome


Following this, Kathryn will carry out an assessment of your skin and facial structure.  The aim of the consultation process is to provide you with a plan to resolve your cosmetic worries whilst remaining safe and feeling comfortable with any treatments you choose to undergo.

At the end of your consultation,  Kathryn may recommend a skincare regime, non-surgical treatments such as dermal fillers or anti wrinkle treatment, microneedling, facial peels or a combination of any of these.  Each bespoke treatment plan provided is based on individual factors that pertain to you alone which allows you to benefit from a truly unique plan in order to get you looking and feeling your best.

Initial Consultation & Treatment Planning £80

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Your Consultation

Our professional facial consultation appointment involves an in-depth discussion with Dr. Kathryn Bell, who is a trained dentist with additional qualifications in beauty therapy and extensive training in advanced aesthetics techniques.


This provides a unique combination of specialties in order to diagnose and treat various skin conditions.

Within the initial consultation you will have a thorough and detailed discussion of your treatment needs and wants as well as the desired result you hope to achieve.

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