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Eye Rejuvenation
in Yate

"the eyes are the windows to your soul"

William Shakespeare

What are your eyes saying about you?

Due to the thin skin in the eye area this is one of the first areas of our face that shows signs of aging. The development of crows feet and hollows under the eyes can leave you feeling like you look tired all the time.

Are you tired of looking tired?

Tear Trough fillers help to revive and refresh the undereye area. The addition of dermal fillers can lessen the appearance of hollows in this area.  Reducing the appearance of dark circles leaves you looking refreshed, revived and ready to face whatever life throws at you.

If you want to instantly refresh tired looking eyes by plumping and restoring lost volume to the hollows under the eyes. then tear trough fillers may be the treatment for you. This under eye treatment can also reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles in the area .

Blue Eyes

Combining tear trough fillers with wrinkle smoothing treatment to the crows feet area can result in the ultimate eye rejuvenation experience.

Initial Consultation £80

Tear Trough Fillers from £400


Tear Trough fillers are no longer the only solution for treating the undereye area and as this treatment is highly reliant on the correct clinical criteria it can be very frustrating when you are told that it is not a suitable option for you.

Polynucleotide therapy may be what you are looking for.  This is a tissue stimulator specifically designed for treatment around the eyes and tear trough but with no associated side effects like water retention or accentuation of eye bags.

It works by repairing damage to the deeper layers of the skin and also has a strong hydration and rejuvenation effect.  Alongside this, it can reduce the signs of fatigue and discolouration.

Initial Consultation: £80

Treatment from: £250

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